The Wood Group of Fairway

The Wood Group of Fairway is powered by a staff of over 150 mortgage specialists who work hard every day to help welcome you home. 我们的办公地点 span the state of 德州 and beyond.

The Wood Group is part of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, a top-5 lender in the nation. Fairway opened in 1996 and now covers all fifty states with 6,800+ employees nationwide.


At The Wood Group, customer service is a way of life. Our advisers are honest and hardworking people providing solutions that best fit your needs.



We consistently close loans faster than the national average. You can also expect speedy responses to all your questions along the way.


具有广泛的范围 贷款项目 available, we’re able to find the best option for you. Individual situations call for individual solutions.


Many borrowers are surprised at how easy the mortgage process can be with a team who truly cares. 看看成千上万的 bwin手机客户端.


马特·伍德, 区域高级副总裁 and Loan Officer - The Wood Group of Fairway Mortgage


区域高级副总裁 and Loan Officer

Matt is a firm believer in delivering consistent results to his borrowers and teammates in a way that forges life-long relationships. This no-nonsense approach has enabled him to grow group production year-after-year since founding The Wood Group in 2010. In addition to managing all offices, he also serves as a loan officer in 贝尔顿, 德州.

马克•伍德, 区域高级副总裁 - The Wood Group of Fairway Mortgage



Marc joined The Wood Group following his service in the US Army as a strategist, 经理, 和演讲稿撰写人, along with time as a professor at the United States Military Academy and a Deputy Director at the US Army War College. He leads group operations and business development efforts with the same dedication to service and excellence he employed in service to our country.


In 2020, Fairway funded $65.8 billion in loans with $1.17 billion closed by The Wood Group alone.


Fairway was named a 十佳按揭公司 in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine.


Fairway was named the 顶级抵押贷款 雇主 by National Mortgage Professional Magazine.


Mortgage Executive Magazine has repeatedly recognized Fairway as the best company to work for.


Founded in 1996 by Steve Jacobson and named by a childhood best friend, 同事。, and forever member of the Fairway family, 兰迪交叉, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage lender headquartered in Madison, 威斯康辛州, 和卡罗尔顿, 德州. Fairway has over 650 branches and 6,800+ employees nationwide. Fairway’s vision is to foster relationships and create a team atmosphere, empowering offices to operate autonomously in their day-to-day operations, while still maintaining strict compliance and consistency across the board. Fairway provides all necessary support in the areas of personnel, accounting, and compliance.